My Mom Texts Me the Craziest Sh*t

My mom is seriously the best person I know. She’s wildly supportive—it’s scary how she can be like Beverly Goldberg sometimes! She spontaneous—when I was 13, she and I drove to Idaho. It was a girl’s road trip, we dug for dinosaurs’ bones, walked the Snake River, and pulled over on the side of the road and did yoga in a corn field. We also chugged a gallon of Sunny Delight to keep us awake on the way back home (that may not sound like a big deal, but my mom is a total health nut). We got sugar rushes and we were tripping like you would not believe! Neither of us have had Sunny D since. My mom is humble and ambitious, honest and beautiful…the list could go on and on but the one thing I love most about my mom is she is the funniest person I know. She literally cracks me up and honestly, she doesn’t mean to, it’s just who she is.
My mom will text me the craziest sh*t. And when I question her on it, she is oblivious of the fact that is was crazy. Normally I screenshot the text and send it to my brother or my dad so they can share in her entertaining verbiage.

Mom's Texts Need Their Own Hashtag

In honor of her, I have decided to start a hashtag on my Instagram account so I can share of the crazy-ass texts. #MomTextMonday #MomPostMonday.
A few weeks ago, I downloaded Post Malone’s album to my mom’s phone so she can play it in her car. Well, this is the text I get from her while I was sitting in class. Apparently, she connected with his song, I Fall Apart.
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