Urban Decay You’ve Done Me Wrong!

Finding the perfect eyeshadow palette can be tough, especially with so many options out there. It’s a lot of work swatching the colors, deciding on a brand, and finally taking the plunge investing your hard-earned money.
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
We all have that “one” palette or “one” color we reach for. It’s our Holy Grail. We know it won’t fail us. It’s the perfect color, it will blend beautifully, it’s long lasting, it will accent the color of our eyes perfectly—it won’t do us wrong. My Holy Grail is Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette. Hitting pan (oh the horror!) on several colors in my palette, I went into my local Ulta. I headed straight to the Urban Decay section. To my surprise there weren’t any.
The sales woman who was swiftly approaching me asked me if I needed help finding something. When I told her, I was looking for the Naked Smoky palette she said, “We won’t be getting any more palettes because they are discontinued.” DISCONTIUED? Surely, I heard her wrong. This is the best palette on the planet, they would never discontinue it. I resisted the urge to clutch my chest and crumble to the floor. Instead, I pushed my panic aside and I remained calm. Thinking quickly, I said, “I’ll just buy singles of the colors I used most in the palette.” That seemed reasonable and like a quick fix. Her dreadful words almost broke me. “We don’t have singles of those colors.” I wanted to clinch my fists and shake them to the heavens and scream, “Why Urban Decay, Why!” However, before she even finished her sentence, I quickly jumped onto the Urban Decay website to see if there were any available. The makeup Gods were on my side, they were still available. I promptly ordered two.
All kidding aside, I am on the hunt for a new Holy Grail Palette, my two back-ups can only hold me over for so long. If you have any suggestions let me know. If you too like the Smoky palette be sure to pick one up before they are gone forever.
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My Mom Texts Me the Craziest Sh*t

My mom is seriously the best person I know. She’s wildly supportive—it’s scary how she can be like Beverly Goldberg sometimes! She spontaneous—when I was 13, she and I drove to Idaho. It was a girl’s road trip, we dug for dinosaurs’ bones, walked the Snake River, and pulled over on the side of the road and did yoga in a corn field. We also chugged a gallon of Sunny Delight to keep us awake on the way back home (that may not sound like a big deal, but my mom is a total health nut). We got sugar rushes and we were tripping like you would not believe! Neither of us have had Sunny D since. My mom is humble and ambitious, honest and beautiful…the list could go on and on but the one thing I love most about my mom is she is the funniest person I know. She literally cracks me up and honestly, she doesn’t mean to, it’s just who she is.
My mom will text me the craziest sh*t. And when I question her on it, she is oblivious of the fact that is was crazy. Normally I screenshot the text and send it to my brother or my dad so they can share in her entertaining verbiage.

Mom's Texts Need Their Own Hashtag

In honor of her, I have decided to start a hashtag on my Instagram account so I can share of the crazy-ass texts. #MomTextMonday #MomPostMonday.
A few weeks ago, I downloaded Post Malone’s album to my mom’s phone so she can play it in her car. Well, this is the text I get from her while I was sitting in class. Apparently, she connected with his song, I Fall Apart.
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Star Wars Obsession

My obsession with Star Wars started when I was 5. I stumbled into the game room and found my brother watching, Revenge of the Sith. I stopped in my tracks in awe. The movie captivated me instantly. All the action, the over the top characters and the futuristic world was enthralling. I also had a huge crush on Anakin. It didn’t take long for me to discover all the prequels and of course watch all the sequels.

I wanted to be apart of the Star Wars universe.The force became with me, always. There were endless lightsaber battles with my brother—until we were in our late teens. I’ve owned everything from bubbled bath, to pajamas, boxes of cereal, puzzles, pillows, and a slew of toys. As an adult my collection has grown to tracking down rare items and hording posters—which I refuse to open because I’m afraid they will be devalued. When I was 13 I dressed up as Padmé—I made my costume and it was so much fun.

This was our game room growing up, I love that my brother’s Star Wars banner was right above my dollhouse!

More importantly, my love of Star Wars reminds me of my childhood. I had zero responsibility and my imagination was allowed to run wild. They were happy and carefree times. Snuggled up on the sofa with my brother and friends to stay up late and binge watching all the movies. Christmas stockings full of Star Wars goodies, hunting for Star Wars Easter eggs, trick or treating in a Star Wars costume and even sending out Star Wars Valentines. On Star Wars Day last year (May 4Th), I did R2D2 inspired makeup.

Every so often I hope you find yourself reminiscing about your favorite childhood movie. 

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Self-Care Needs to be Self-Initiated

I’m a senior in college—the assignments are endless. I’m currently working on developing an app—lots of meetings and decision making. I plan on testing for my second-degree black belt in a few months—heading to Japan this summer to meet the Grand Master of my martial arts style.

Experiencing exhaustion and burnout, I was told that I need to focus on self-care. I expect a lot from myself therefore, it’s important to be good to myself. I know one of the main excuses people have for not taking care of themselves is they simply don’t have the time. This was my excuse. I didn’t think twice about putting self-care on the backburner because I honestly didn’t feel that I was running myself ragged. I love all that I do, and I didn’t really feel stressed—and if there was stress, it was good stress. It’s worth noting my doctor told me the body doesn’t recognize good stress or bad stress as different—it’s all stress to the body. That was my wake-up call.

Self-care is different for everyone and it’s important to find what works for you. When I’m stressed and I need a quick way to decompress and relax I find the most beneficial thing I can do for myself is simply give myself a little alone time.

Here are a few small, simple self-care habits that I do:

  • Go for a walk outside, just being in nature
  • Meditate or do deep breathing for five minutes
  • Chill with my dog or one of my cats
  • Once a week try and meet a friend for lunch, movie, or to simply hang out
  • Eat well everyday
  • Learn to say ‘No.’
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Take time to read a book

Be good to yourself!

Prioritizing self-care is so important, the benefits can be felt emotionally and physically. Self-care is all about balance. You have to strike a balance between being a hard worker, being driven, and packing your days full of tasks and activities while also listening to your body when it tells you to take better care of it.

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