Graduation, Excited and Nostalgic

Graduation is right around the corner, May 18th and as it quickly approaches, I find myself getting a little excited and a little nostalgic. I am barely 19, (just had my birthday a few days ago) so I am graduating when most people start college. Graduating early is very exciting but also bittersweet.
I attend California State University, Sacramento. I will earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration: Entrepreneurship. I’ve been very fortunate to have several exceptional professors, one of whom, has been mentoring me. What excites me is that I will be able to get out in the world and apply all that I have learned. I am lucky to have several job opportunities waiting for me when I graduate so I don’t have a fear of not being able to get a job. I don’t have resume anxiety—I’m a business major we polish that thing every semester! I know what I need to do to pursue my goals.
What makes me sentimental is that college has been my main focus since I was 13. I’m good at it and I enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, not being a slave to a syllabus and homework will be amazing, but I love to learn, and I like structure. I also enjoy the majority of my professors. Their personal stories over the years have been very entertaining. Years ago, I actually started writing some of them down because they were so hilarious, and I didn’t want to forget them.
Scantron, calculator, and pencil vending machine at Sacramento State!
Eating Lunch in Class

Campus is my home away from home.

I’m comfortable there. I know where everything is, I’ve mastered parking, and know all the great places to grab a bite to eat. I enjoy mingling with fellow students and preparing for presentations and projects with those in my classes. I love how campus looks as the seasons change. I get excited with all the wildlife that scurries around, squirrels and a fox once! When the therapy animals are on campus, it’s heaven! You walk out of a class and you are greeted with dogs to love on. I won’t be sad that it’s over, I’ll smile because all of it happened.
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Sacramento State in the Fall

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