Fall Asleep, Relax, Heal, and Meditate with an App

Setting aside time to relax is important and a great way to establish a healthy routine for good self-care. I talked about how Self-Care Needs to be Self-Initiated in a previous post. Meditation is one of the activities I do for self-care. I can’t say that I meditate, at least not in the traditional sense. What I practice is mindfulness meditation. A very simplistic way to explain the difference between the two are, meditation is the practice to reach a heightened level of consciousness while mindfulness meditation is relaxing and focusing on the present.
Insight Timer is the app I use for relaxing, mediating, and even to fall asleep. What I love about this app is that it is free and that it has so much to offer. It has over 15,000 free meditations. There’s bound to be something for everyone. I really enjoy the guided meditations. I find when someone is guiding me, I stay more focused and by the end I feel more relaxed and centered. You can choose the amount of time you want to meditate and there’s an array of topics. Below is a screen shot of some of the topics.
Insight Timer Topics
I’ve recently discovered the bedtime stories. Listening to a story is a great way to wind down and get ready for sleep. If you aren’t ready for sleep after a bedtime story, simply move on over to a sleep meditation and you will drift off before you know it. My quality of sleep has really improved since I’ve been using the guided sleep meditations. Harvard Medical School recently published how meditation helps fight insomnia and improved sleep. You can read about the study here.
Insight Timer Bedtime Stories
Beginning a routine can be difficult however, if you start out small, even a few minutes a day, you will see the results.

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