It’s Overall Season

Do you have that one outfit you can’t wait to wear when Spring finally comes? Maybe it’s a dress, a pair of cutoffs, or a romper. For me it’s my overalls! Pockets, denim, casual yet fashionable, what’s not to love? I wear them with a simple white tank top or one of my many baseball tees and occasionally I add a red plaid flannel shirt to complete my look. I have had these overalls for years and let me tell you, I love them!
Last year I miss placed them, I couldn’t find them until the season had passed. They were in a random box, so this year I will be sure they get the love they deserve. And since Spring is in full bloom, I did a little photo shoot with my mom as my photographer. 

It's All About The Pockets

The pockets are great because I can pack so many things around with me, but they haven’t always worked. Years ago, I wore my overalls to my cousins 3rd birthday party, a pool party for the kids. One of my cousins swam to the edge and called out to me, ready to recite his many tales of their swimming. And as I bent over down to his level, I completely forgot my phone was tucked in the front pocket on my chest. My cousin went silent when he noticed my look of horror as the phone made a splash and sunk to the bottom of the pool. It was retrieved, placed in a bag of rice, but my phone never turned on again…I learned two very important lessons: 1) back-up your phone, and 2) don’t put important things in the front chest pocket of your overalls.
Though, I had been frustrated with how my overalls let me down, I knew I wasn’t going to stop wearing them. I also knew I’d probably end up putting my phone in the front pocket again…which I have many times. Fortunately, I have been sure to stay away from pools since that dreaded day! So my phone simply falls on the ground when I bend over instead of into water.

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